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Amazon Web Services – Microsoft Azure – Google Platform

You can have services 24x7x365 in your local language, with competitive prices and billing completely predictable since it is in your local currency.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform which provides a number of infrastructure services such as computational power, storage options, networks and data base delivered on demand. Their services are available within seconds and the definition of pricing is done by hour of use.


Microsoft Azure is a group of cloud solutions integrated to provide their clients computational services, along with analysis, data base, network, mobile services, and storage, within other. Any developer or IT professional can be productive with Azure and its integrated tools, pre-compiled and managed services, also with an hour of use billing.

Google Cloud Plataform

With Google Cloud (GCP), you can create, test and implement applications in a highly scalable and reliable Google infrastructure for web solutions, from back-end to mobile devices, and it also counts with a console of the Google Cloud Platform, which provides a graphic interface that you can use to manage your projects and resources in a single panel.

IT Outsourcing

Managing IT actives and projects that depend on technology is frequently a big issue for companies of all sizes:

  • Costing is usually high, the market is constantly going through dynamic updates and users have more and more specific needs.

The services provided by CS Consulting are modulable and flexible, which means that the client has exactly what he needs to operate and pays only for what he uses, all the while counting with a consulting team that has a strong view of technology and your business to conduct your projects.

To conduct the quality of the IT services delivered, we operate in partnership with the main manufacturers in the market and use the mast monitoring and management tools available. Our monitoring agents exam patterns of communication, archives, networks, permissions and system fails to process in pre-established cases, to use in a personal evaluation of a 24x7x365 support system developing quick problem solving and proactively preventing bigger ones.

Data Centers

Where we are



Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Brasil


Tamboré, São Paulo, Brazil


Elmsford, New York, United States

Redundancy and own network means that no matter where your company, project or collaborators are you will always be connected.

Our clients have that facility assuring availability disaster prevention or economical crisis. To understand the importance of it, when the Twin Towers were hit in 9/11, a number of businesses went bankrupt because a lot of them had their server in just one place: the third underground storey of the towers, which was also the second largest Data Center of the United States.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription cloud service that combines the best tools of the market for people to work with bigger availability and flexibility. It allows the creation and collaboration in practically anywhere and on any device through a family of Office applications – updated monthly with exclusive resources and safety improvements. With Office 365 the data is yours. They belong to your company and you control them. You can take them away to a new service platform with all safety and assurance.

Cloud Services

Consulting & Planning

Our consulting, assessment and project services can be hired at any moment, whether it is for analysis needs on the architecture of a new project or readjustment of an environment or project which is already ongoing, in a local or cloud hub.

CS IT Consulting makes a full and detailed analysis about the servers, applications and necessities of your company, in which the goal is to identify the services and market structures present the best option to deliver maximum performance with minimum cost. In all of that considering the best practices, safety and the expertise of our team of specialists so there won’t be any impacts in the client’s operation.

Protection and privacy

All of the CS IT Consulting Cloud solutions have the compliance of data protection laws (GDPR/LGPD) along with Microsoft, the sector leader in protection and data privacy and the first cloud services provider recognized by the European Union data protection authorities for being aligned with their rigorous privacy laws. They were also the first ones to adopt the international cloud privacy pattern, ISO 27018 – a platform projected to attend the highest demands and agreements of the public agencies of both United States and the European Union.

Governance & Projects

More and more digital data are substantial to companies, being considered their most valuable actives for being of strategically potential, helping in decision making processes and if used properly they become a true competitive differential. CS IT Consulting helps your business to design processes and to apply the main market governance strategies using simple and fazed stages so your collaborators know how to navigate your operations.